Film Work

my director's reel

This is me in 2 minutes


    My reel is my visual capabilities statement as a film director informed by my work history. These are the salient points:

    • I work in the action/sci-fi genre 
    • I collaborate with stunt professionals and special effects artists
    • I include camera movement, actors, props, and the environment as tools to convey story points & emotion
    • I leverage these post-production elements to enhance the story: color grading, CGI, editing
    • Pacing, energy and tone can all be conveyed by editing
    • I use actors' expressions and blocking to construct a scene


    Most of my work has been completed through my studio, PLANET NERD RAGE PRODUCTIONS.

    My film work includes directing, camera work, and post-production work including editing and digital visual effects. 

    Here are some highlights:

    • "Ghost Source Zero" is a feature length film currently distributed in the US, the UK, and Japan
    • "Protocol Deviation" is a short film series whose pilot premiered on Warner Bros.' Machinima Network
    • "Deployment Strategy" is a short film that won numerous festival awards before being picked up by IndiePix Distribution.
    • Not featured in the footage above is my off-genre work for Nickelodeon promotions


    Read more on my IMDB page