I love to bring people on rides. Exciting, emotional, escapist rides. 

My decade-long tenure at Nickelodeon focused on one simple goal: to extend the sense of wonder in children for as long as possible. Touch devices, augmented and virtual reality, and interactive storytelling allowed us to create pure magic for kids. They could watch, control and become their favorite characters. We simultaneously taught them about their world and extended their belief that anything was possible in it.

My work in action and science-fiction films is cut from the same cloth but for a grown up audience. Imagining new worlds, creating characters and stories in which they must fight to become the best versions of themselves are all curiosities that drive me to make films. At the center of my action films is always a hero trying keep himself whole in a violently unhinged world. At the core of my science fiction films are questions society needs to answer about itself.

Lastly, to me, the creative process is as much a fantastic journey as it is a destination and means to an end. The mediums I work within require teams of specialists, artists, and craftsmen. Success is always a function of how well collaboration happens. All the best cases end with a final product worth experiencing and a creative process that also created memories and dear friends.

I lead with my enthusiasm and create with heart.